Rut’s 2nd Peak; Seasonal Thanksgiving Week

This week’s discussion will be brief. I have been hunting all weekend and am currently in the process of packing to leave for the holiday’s as this is being written.

Forecast Summary

Temperatures should be mostly seasonal throughout the week with two cold fronts moving through. The first will be Tuesday night, and the second will move through Sunday morning. The midwest and northeast will be most affected by these fronts but the plains will also see some cooler temperatures for a couple days as well. Otherwise, temperatures should be pretty standard for this time of year with the exception of maybe parts of the southern plains. There will be a few days there mid-week where temperatures will reach the 70s, possibly low 80s in west Texas. Here’s the GFS forecast through Sunday:


Precipitation-wise it should be mostly dry with a few showers moving through the Midwest and northeast over the weekend. Of course, with cold fronts moving through there is always a slight chance of winter precipitation in areas below freezing. As of right now there is nothing indicating a major winter weather event for this week.

This week is considered by many as the “second rut.” After most of the does have been bread mature bucks will often go searching for the few young does who have come into estrous late. Some people say it’s the best time of the year. Personally, nearly all the bucks I’ve killed have been during this period of November. It’s still well worth it to be out there if you haven’t filled your tag yet.

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck.

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