2018 Season Opener

We’ve finally made it to deer season 2018. It’s been too long for all of us, and with the new season comes a new year of weather forecasts for deer hunting here at Hunt The Front. There will be some slight changes to the format from previous years as well as some new content being added throughout the season. Expected changes are as follows:

In previous years the bulk of the weather forecasts were done in a blog style format, with some video forecasts scattered in throughout the year. The video posts were mostly done when I was short on time because it takes more time to write it out. However, I actually enjoyed the videos that I made because I thought they added their own value to to the overall forecast. With that in mind, this year I will be posting both a video and a blog post in the same weekly forecasts. The videos, while not necessarily short, will be more of a quick summary of the week ahead with some weather model animations to illustrate the expected weather. So you will have the option to read the blog post, watch the video, or both. As far as the content of the forecasts they will be similar, including temperature, expected fronts, precipitation, and long term outlooks, all on the national/regional scale.

If you are new to the site, be sure to explore the various tabs and check out some of the educational videos on turbulence, thermals, using weather models for hunting, etc. I think they will be very useful to you as a hunter and they will be referenced frequently in the weekly forecasts. However, I do intend to do brief refresher videos on these subjects in the coming weeks.

Some new content is planned for this year, with the main addition being videos of myself in the field (as much as I can manage), where I plan to talk about the spots I am in and how they relate to the current weather conditions. I don’t have a lot of expensive filming gear, so it won’t be over the top productions. But, I hope to make some content that’s worth your time.

Weekly weather forecasts will begin in full force starting next week (9/18/18). By then, several states will have opened their archery seasons with the rest of the country following suit within a couple weeks. Be sure and subscribe to the email list so that you are notified any time a forecast is posted. You can do that at the bottom of the page. There is usually only a few posts a week at most, so you will not be overloaded with emails. Also be sure to follow the Facebook page Hunt The Front here for more updates.

I am looking forward to this season and hopefully providing you with some useful weather information. See you next week.


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